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Meet The Team

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Rabbi Nomi Manon

Executive Director

Rabbi Manon has been the Executive Director of UAlbany Hillel for 11 years and is inspired by student every day.  Nomi is a graduate of Alfred Univesity and The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, where she received her Rabbinic ordination.  In Rabbinical school Nomi’s specialization was in campus work which focused on enhancing the Jewish experience of college students as well as non-profit management and fundraising.  She is passionate about working at UAlbany Hillel, a pluralist organization that recognizes, supports, and encourages all types of Jewish expression.  Nomi encourages students to explore their many identities and passions in a Jewish context.  Nomi also teaches courses in Judaic studies where she is able to interact with a broad range of students in an academic setting.  Nomi is always available for informal counseling and conversations about life, Judaism, politics, and relationships.  Nomi has two daughters, Shoham and Advah.


Emma Strumpf

Springboard Innovation Fellow

Emma Strumpf joined the UAlbany Hillel team in 2018 after graduating from the University of Connecticut. She played an active role at UConn Hillel where she found her love for Jewish Life on campus. Through her role as the Springboard Innovation Fellow, Emma has been trained in Design Thinking Ideology and loves to use these skills in her work on campus. Outside of work, Emma loves all things New England and spends her free time reading, playing the drums, and exploring her new home in upstate New York.

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Noam Hamburski

Jewish Agency Israel Fellow

Noam is a second year Israel Fellow at the University at Albany. He was raised in Modi’in and joined the IDF in 2010 and served in Reconnaissance in the Field Intelligence Core as a combat soldier and commander. During his service, he was stationed in the southern border next to Egypt as well as the West Bank.

After his service, Noam attended Sapir College. There, he studied media and communications, and lived in Sderot for three years. He was able to observe and be a part of the diverse and vibrant community that thrived despite being in the line of fire due to its proximity to Gaza.

Noam comes from a household of mixed backgrounds and cultures. His father’s family is of Ashkenazi descent, coming from Eastern Europe and Germany. His mother’s family comes from Egypt and the greater Mediterranean region. Their strongest connection is to the Kibbutz that they helped establish. He was raised alongside an older brother and sister. He is the proud uncle of five.

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